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I haven't updated in a while so I guess I'll do this in two parts~ First is my trip to America~!

Last month I got to visit my friends (AiShizaya and FuckingSushi) in America where I had just the most amazing time. For once I feel like I actually spent a decent amount of time (although it was never going to be enough) with them. They totally spoiled me with presents and taking me wherever I wanted to go.... I feel really lucky. I got to go to all the shops I wanted and do things that we have been talking about for years! They took me to Harry Potter world and I got to see the expansion!!! Riding the Hogwarts Express was the coolest thing! I also went crazy and bought whatever I wanted.... probably blew a month's pay there. Thanks to Callie for letting us crash at her's! I think I got about three hours sleep but that's my own fault.... I was just really, really excited to be going to HP world (secretly four-years-old).

Metrocon was really awesome! I got to cosplay Attack on Delivery (as Jean) which was total trash but Cosplay America must have liked it because they shared it and the photo has over 2500 likes on fb. Sushi and Fork designed the gear and based the shirts off a tumblr design.... it's honestly the weirdest cosplay I've done but it was crazy popular XD I'm sad that I'll never get to do it again (still have the shirt though!). It actually placed third in the hall contest!! There's a photo and everything which I wanted Fork and Sushi to have because it's an awesome picture which I expect to be framed and put in their new apartment <3 they let me keep the medal XD I also got a wallet sized version of the photo which is on my wall now.... it wasn't meant to be wallet sized but can't argue with a printer.

Saturday I met up with Senra-Eclipse, Sabina and Crikey cosplay where we spent the day mostly stalking Parle and talking to fans, dressed in our Rev War cosplays. I was kind of overwhelmed by how many we met but I was really happy! Some we had met last year but most of them were new! One of the girls (she had painted her face silver) invited us to come sit with her friends which was super sweet and they were all really great dancers! The panels we went to were a whole lot of fun!! I really love cosplaying Rev War but having done it a few times this year I feel like we need a new USUK design... hmmm....

Sunday I was with a huge group as genderbent Disney Princes! I commissioned an Ariel cosplay and again these were wildly popular! We had a hard time moving around a lot because there were a lot of children who wanted their picture with us. The group was ridiculously attractive... I mean really, everyone looked so beautiful I could have cried. I wasn't sure that I would be able to join it but I'm so glad that I did (though I didn't get to try the costume on until I got to Florida)! We entered a contest and I got to meet Indra from Heroes of Cosplay! I know the show gets a lot of hate but she was just the nicest person, gorgeous and sweet. She really looked after everyone in the competition and was so excited by our costumes!

When I got back we had a photoshoot and the pictures turned out so well. I love them so much, I will cherish them. We cosplayed from a universe that we RP together and even did scenes that we'd written out. The photos are so beautiful! I'm not sure what to do with them, I love so many of them and I don't want to spam but like.... <3 they make me really happy. Fork and I also did a brief fawn make up shoot where I was a very tall Levi who had to crouch a whole lot~ those gifs are my favourite thing! Technically we dressed up as Attack on Delivery too.... but uhh.... got a couple of photos and selfies before changing xD

Leaving was really hard, I mean really, really hard. I didn't stop crying until I got home and then I cried some more and for the first week back I went out once in total.... heilei bought me a Bunny figurine which cheered me up a bit >U< <3 he's so pretty!!

The hurt never really goes away, I think we just sort of learn to deal with it. I have fun roleplaying and just chatting online, but the internet is never really going to be sufficient.

I can't thank them enough for looking after me. I'll never be able to.


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Hi there!

I'm Ali or Spades~! I'm a 19-year-old university student living in Sydney, Australia. I love cosplay, fanfiction and your art!

I am also part of the cosplay group Demonswithtea on youtube:…

My instagram is: aliceofspades



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